ㅣGuidelines for Thesis Submission and Preparation
  • The paper should be written either in Korean or in English. Academic terms that first appear in the text should be put in parenthesis in the original language followed by its Korean or English translation.
  • The manuscript should be about 100 pages of 200-square manuscript paper (approximately 15 pages in A4 paper) including footnotes, bibliography, tables, and figures.
    The font size should be 12 points for the main text and 11 points for footnotes.
  • Margins (A4): Top 20 mm / Bottom 15 mm / Left 30 mm / Right 30 mm
    Header 15 mm / Footer 15 mm / Binding 0 mm

    Main body
    Font Style: 신명조(Shinmyongjo) in HWP (OR Times New Roman in MS Word)
    Size: 12 points / set width: 100% / letter spacing: 0% / line spacing: 160% (double space in MS Word)
  • A paper, when written in Korean, should be prepared in the order of title, author(s), contents, summary, keywords, main body, bibliography, title in English, author(s) in English, summary in English, keywords. When written in English, a paper should be in order of title, author(s), contents, summary, keywords, main body, bibliography.
  • A title should be written on the first page of main body. There should be no such phrase in the body that may give a hint about the personal identity of author(s) to judges for a fair screening process.
  • The numbering of chapters, paragraphs, clauses and items should follow the order of “I”, “1”, “1)” and “(1).”
  • The authors should use <“   ”> for short quotations in the main body, indentation should be used for long quotations, and <“ ”> should be used when emphasizing a text.
  • When citing the original text, the text could be used as it is (without changing the text) with the use of direct quotations.
  • Numbers should be marked on the top of the tables and figures (e.g., Table 1-1, Fig. 1-1) and their sources should be cited below. The complete information should be put in a footnote.
  • The footnote should be concise and used only when deemed necessary. The names, book titles and article titles should be written in their original languages. When Chinese characters are included in the text, Hangul (Korean alphabet) should be used to replace them as a principle. The footnotes should be used according to the following rules:
  • When a book is first cited, the entire information including the name of author, the title of book (article), publication information (place of publication, publisher’s name, year of publication in case of a book; name, volume and number of a journal and a journal’s publication year and month in case of an article) and pages should be included in a footnote. When more than one book is cited in a footnote, they should be listed using semi-colons (;) without using a period.