| Terms and conditions for collecting · using personal information (Essential)
In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act ([Enacted March 2, 2011] Act No. 10465], you must go through the consent process for collecting and utilizing personal information below to apply for the contest.

1. Purpose of collecting · using personal information

Please confirm that the personal information of the participants collected by Hypers Co., Ltd., which commissioned the contest, will be collected and used for participant management such as identification, personal identification, question delivery, awards, prize payments, copyright registration, etc.

2. Personal information to be collected

1) Required items: Name, e-mail, contact information (mobile), etc.

3. Consignment of personal information processing

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea entrusted this matter to the following agencies for convenience.

* Company name : Hypers
* Company address : #601, 35, Gukhoe-daero 54-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.
* Contact person : Woo, Hee-Jin
* Contact number : +82-2-2671-1029
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is obligated to comply with personal information protection-related laws and regulations, maintain confidentiality due to the use of personal information, return or destroy personal information after the consignment period, and end of use.

4. A means of collecting personal information

1) When you apply for the contest on the official website, your personal information is collected automatically.

5. Personal information retention and usage period.

1) Reasons for keeping personal information: release of applicants’ and winners list, schedule announcement and newsletter distribution, publishing previous competition winners, marketing, statistical analysis of applications, and other reasons for use.
2) Period of Personal Information Retention: Data will be destroyed five years after the end of the contest (Note: If other rules are specified in the relevant laws, the rules will take precedence.). If it is determined that the preservation of information should be extended, the work will be carried out only with the prior consent of the information owner.

6. Rights

According to the Personal Information Protection Act, applicants have the right to disagree with the collection of personal information. Individuals who disagree with the collection of personal information cannot apply for the contest or submit their works.
| Third-party copyright-related and consent to the attribution and use of works. (Essential)
1. Third-party copyright issues

- I confirm that the submitted works have never been submitted or disclosed in other contests, and that they are original works that have not been copied or borrowed.
- Even after the awards ceremony, I agree that if it is revealed that I participated falsely or falsely or received the award for fraudulent means such as plagiarism, the award will be canceled, and unfair gains, including prize money and listing, will be returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea. I also agree to compensate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea for all damages.

2. Copyright attribution

- The copyrights (author’s property right, author’s moral right) for works submitted in the contest belong to the applicant and in principle, also belong to the winner even after winning the award.
- When the applicant wins a prize at the same time as the application, it is deemed to have allowed the use of the work (winning work) within the scope of the methods and conditions stated in the contest guidelines, and the usage fee for the author’s property rights of the winning work may be replaced with the reward (prize money or product).
- In the future, if the organizer needs to take over the author’s property rights (all or part) for the winning work or uses the winning work beyond the scope announced in the contest guideline, it will be decided separately in consultation with the author.

3. Consent for business use

- I agree that the winning works may be used to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes and objectives of the contest, including reproduction, display, publication (online, print or other forms) and publicity.
| Application Pledge (Essential)
If fraudulent methods such as plagiarism or false information are confirmed in applying for this contest, I will follow the decision to cancel the election even after the awards ceremony and pledge to return the award and prize money I received.

If you agree all above terms, please fill in your full name on below signature box.


* Your name will be used for the purpose of recording consent and paying prize reward when receiving award, so please fill out your own name.

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